Elevator Speech

You’ll find a below a short script for you to introduce Harvest Workers Fellowship to the attention of people within your circle of influence. If you’re on this website, you probably know many mature, loving Christians. The message below is for them. We believe there will be strong interest in what we are doing because most people are not prioritizing the Great Commission. But we believe most believers, presented with the opportunity, will consider our invitation. By the way, our invitation is first to respond to Christ’s call, secondly to participate with our evangelistic fellowship, and thirdly as a means to help you connect with like-minded believers who will also consider participating.

The Elevator Speech below is for use with believers we know, not for non-believers. Of course, you can write your own script, but this might help you get started.

“I’ve just got connected with a ministry that supports the spreading of the Gospel. I’d like to share what I’m doing with you. It’s very exciting and I believe what you hear will be a blessing. Would you put me on your calendar sometime in the near future for just 15 minutes? We can meet in person or via zoom. Which works best for you?”