Open Up An Easy Conversation

Starting your evangelism outreach by passing out tracts is an awesome way to seed the Gospel to a lot of people. But eventually you want to grow to a point where you can have a Gospel oriented conversation with anyone you meet, and have a reasonable hope that it will go well because you are prepared for it, and the Holy Spirit helps you.­

But first things first! A great start to a conversation with a stranger would include some everyday chit-chat. Weather. Sports. Kids. You pick. By the way, you only need one of these subjects, not all of them! Or sometimes you just let the person you’re meeting talk about what they want to talk about. People, when they are comfortable with another person, love to talk about themselves. Anyway, pray under your breath and ask God for an opening where you might be able to transition to one of the following questions:

  • “What do you think happens to a person when they pass from this life on earth?”
  • “Do you have any spiritual belief?”
  • “Do you attend a church in this area?”
  • “If you were to die tonight, do you think you’d go to heaven?”
  • “Why should God let you into heaven?”
  • “How do you get to heaven”? Or “What does it take to go to heaven?”
  • “Do you think you’re a good person?”

From one of these starting points if you have a person that is willing to talk (and most are, if you have the right approach, because people love to give their opinion!) you have a springboard set up to get into you’re a true Gospel conversation!

Now what’s next? You guessed it! Give them the Gospel! But how? Well, that’s what you have to get trained for and that will take some time, effort, and practice! Read on and get started!