Invite a Friend and Multiply Your Evangelistic Efforts

If you’re reading this, most likely you’re a Christian and you are interested in stepping up your efforts to share the Gospel. That’s wonderful, simply because God commands us to do our part since as his Ambassadors. So here’s a good way to start being effective: invite a mature Christian friend of yours to the “evangelism table”. Share with your friend how you are starting to reach out to the lost and how they could get involved also. On this site you’ll find a variety of resources to have that conversation, and most notable is the one we entitled Helping You To Fulfill The Great Commission” **. This is a concise slide show you can easily use to invite others to join you and participate in the Great Commission.  . From there, with a little more preparation, your friend can launch out and get started in one way or another. And as you go along, he or she (and you!) can continue inviting other believers they know to also share the Gospel, and find still other believers to share the Gospel with as well.

“Helping You To Fulfill The Great Commission” Click here.