Benefits of Becoming A Harvest Worker

  1. The message of sharing the Gospel will resonate with many believers, even if they have been dormant in the past. More importantly, some non-believers who were far from God will choose to follow Jesus and accept His gifts of forgiveness and eternal life.
  2. The plan to build a ministry of evangelical believers will be understood and embraced by those that accept the message of the Gospel. We will document our growth not to boast, but to further increase our reach­­­ and the encouragement of the team.
  3. Our ministry will extend to many different forms of evangelism, which means each joiner will have many options for their own evangelism efforts.
  4. The website will have lots of resources which can easily be appropriated free of charge.
  5. Churches will benefit from the influx of new believers who have to get discipled after they convert. So if you are a believer who introduces a person to Christ, it’s likely you’ll invite that new convert to your own church.
  6. There are heavenly rewards stored up for those that run the race and share the Gospel.
  7. Joy is a by-product of obedience, and you’ll experience that joy when you serve God’s priority for evangelism.
  8. As you move towards learning more about approaching all sorts of people with the Gospel, you’ll feel more comfortable and bold in a variety of situations.