Pro-Life: “Gospel Truth”

God’s amazing love extends to the womb and to the baby in it. The scriptures have quite a bit to say about the sanctity of life and they also contain a command to “speak up for the voice-less”. Babies are as voiceless as can be!

Does speaking about your Pro-Life views fit into a Gospel conversation? We would say “yes”, it does, but probably not in your first conversation, and certainly not without a loving approach. So, yes, a Pro-Life message can have its place in your witnessing, but you have to make it relevant to the Gospel overall.

Ray Comfort of Living Waters Ministries, in our opinion, is the model for those that want to spread the Gospel and change people’s minds from Pro-Choice to Pro-Life. Here are some samples from which you can learn and apply as the Lord leads you:

Destroying the 7 Most Popular Pro-Abortion Arguments


What Changed His Mind About Abortion In One Conversation?

And from our friends at Got Questions: What the Bible Says About Abortion