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Our ministry is set on helping believers share the Gospel with those that are lost, haven’t heard, or haven’t considered, the Good News. If you would like to respond to Jesus’ command to make disciples, our fellowship and its support can be an asset towards that goal. Join us, and be involved in the most important mission on earth, partnering with God to spread the message of His love, His forgiveness of sins, and His offer of eternal life!

Gospel Activities

Post your events, activities, street teams, Gospel promotions, even your personal efforts to evangelize here….post anything that promotes the Good News! Keep it brief (75 words or less) and don’t forget essential details. Please fill out the form below and we’ll respond usually within a few days.


    Harvest Workers Fellowship Zoom Meeting

    Every Tuesday evening at 8pm join us for 30-45 minutes to discuss evangelism and support the work of the Gospel. Request an invite by sending an email to

    Matthew 9:38 Ministries is led by Sonya Cherici

    She and others have been going door to door with the Gospel for years, primarily near her hometown of Montclair, NJ. Sonya has recently expanded her reach and is now visiting large shopping malls. Send Sonya an email if you are interested in finding out more about her group:

    John Bosch Ministries

    John Bosch is looking to get started with a ministry he hopes will generate interest in the Gospel from skeptical seekers. To do so, John is developing a non-threatening "safe zone” where believers and non-believers are free to mingle and exchange ideas. Email John for more information:

    Life Advocates of New Jersey

    Life Advocates of New Jersey is looking for Sidewalk Advocates who are interested in persuading women to not abort their babies at 3 abortion clinics in northern New Jersey. For more information, email Adrianna Rowatti:

    When the day of Pentecost came, the believers were all together in one place.

    Acts 2:1

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