Christmas Carol Promotion

Have Christmas carols gone out of style? I mean the ones where singers actually stand on your front lawn and sing you a few carols like they mean it? Here’s an easy promotion to do: Gather a few friends and start practicing. Have a plan that has you out one or more nights close to Christmas. You can do this! Just organize it a little bit and recruit some other people in your town to do the same. Maybe you can even reach out to other churches besides your own and invite them to participate. Whatever you do, don’t forget your Gospel literature, candy canes for the kids, and bring forth some joyful Christian smiles and attitude! Maybe assign 1 good talker in the carol group to say why you’ve stopped by and what Christmas is all about in short little speech. Then give them the Gospel, in a tract or booklet, just like it has been given to you. You can’t miss! One final note: start to plan your Christmas carol event in August, giving yourself plenty of time to make a big splash in December.