Dog Ministry

Have you ever been walking your dog and you walk by somebody and they start going gaga over your dog?  But meanwhile, they seem to have no particular enthusiasm for you, a human being? This proves how important dogs can be when witnessing to others. Yes, dogs are icebreakers to get conversations started. You can start with your dog (or theirs) and you can easily transition to a Gospel conversation.

Here’s just one way: after you’ve warmed up the conversation, ask if their dog is a “good dog”. Ten chances to one their responsive will be “sometimes”, and then they might even relate a “bad dog” story. With that you can spring board directly to this question: “So thanks for letting me know about Spot’s bad (or good) behavior, but what about you…do you think you’re a good person?”. Most people will respond affirmatively. So if they do, now is your opportunity to say “…so let me test you to see if you measure up to the 10 commandments…have you ever stolen anything? (wait for answers to these questions) or how many lies have you told in your life? Ever lusted after another human being? Taken God’s name in vain?

Once this person reveals their sinful nature, the nature that every human being has, you can ask them if they die tonight, and they stood before God…if judged by the 10 commandments (and they will be), would you be guilty or innocent? Honest people will usually say “guilty!” Then, and only then, can you reveal God’s amazing plan to forgive sinners. That plan, of course, is Jesus Christ crucified as the substitution for sin that we call the “Good News” or the Gospel.

Thank God for dogs!