Street Fairs and Garage Sales

If you have one of the events happening soon in your own or a nearby town, you have an excellent way to give the Gospel out for free, and comfortably. Just grab a partner, get a bunch of tracts or Pocket Testaments or other tracts, pray to be led by the Holy Spirit, and show up! You’ll find that a great percentage of those you have a conversation with and those that you share a tract with, will give you a cordial reception as long as you are cordial yourself!

We know a man who recently went to about 25 different garage sales in his little town. Actually it started out that he was going to tag along with his wife for the afternoon as she did one of her favorite things: shopping!  To him, that would not normally excite his desires, but then he realized he could pass out tracts all afternoon long. And that’s what he did!  He gave out 30-40 “Million Dollar Bill” tracts, available through Living Waters Ministries.