Start with Tracts

“Let each one of us, if we have done nothing for Christ, begin to do something now. The distribution of tracts is the first thing…When preaching and private talk are not available, you need to have a tract ready. Get good striking tracts, or none at all. But a touching gospel tract may be the seed of eternal life. Therefore, do not go out without your tracts.” – Charles Spurgeon

Tracts or Gospel booklets are great for witnessing to others when you are not fully trained or don’t have time to have a conversation. A good tract will plant a seed in anyone who reads what you give them and that might tee up a real Gospel conversation.  Give them out to your circle of influence and to everyone else. Best practice: pray about a friendly, sweet, approach before handing out a tract. It may just be one sentence like “I have this little gift I’d like to give to you”, or “here’s some good news to take home with you!”

Here’s a link to Tract maker we heartily recommend and Watch this video on their tract ministry, which is awesome!

And here’s a link to the Pocket Testament League which you can join for free; and when you provide a donation to PTL you can get a supply of customized Pocket Testaments which contain the Gospel of John and the plan of salvation