Survey for the Saints

If you’re a strong believer in Jesus Christ, honestly answer the following “self-test” to evaluate your faithfulness to share the Gospel: 

  • When was the last time you shared the Gospel with a non-believer?
  • Approximately, how many times did you witness to a non-believer in the last year?
  • Are there people in your life (family, friends, neighbors, relatives) you want to see when you get to heaven?
  • What about people you don’t know? Do you care if they come to Christ?
  • Do you believe that’s there’s a heaven and a hell?
  • In the last few years did you know anyone who died before you had the chance to present the Gospel to them?
  • What, if anything, holds you back from putting a higher priority on your efforts to share the Good News?

Now that you have done this little test, pray about what you think God wants you to do, what you think you can do, and what you think you’d like to do. Bring it all to Him and ask for his leading, wisdom, and direction. In my personal situation there was a point where I began to be open to this idea of sharing the Gospel more pro-actively and as I prayed, it felt like God was meeting my desires (to evangelize one way or the other). May I encourage you also to start in a simple way, and God will take you further, guiding your way!