Car Wash Promotion

Here’s an idea for a Gospel promotion a lot of people will be talking about and many seeds will be planted. Find a car wash that will work with you on this. Tell the owner you want to do a special promotion on a Sunday afternoon where you’d like to sponsor free car washes. That sponsorship could come from the Car Wash itself, or you could find a sponsor willing to underwrite the promotion at his or her expense. Or your church could foot the bill. Or you could! Put this aside for the moment in order to understand what happens at the event: everyone that shows up within a 2 hour period gets a free car wash. And everyone who shows up gets a tract, a book, the Jesus film. This will be a really fun way to deliver the Good News, perfect for the youth of your church. Believe me, if you are friendly and kind, not too many people are going to yell at you for giving them some Christian literature and other witnessing items. But more importantly, you’ve shared the Good News of the Gospel and planted lots of seeds!